The Education System : A Comprehensive High School Program

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Currently in the U.S education system, I can only think of one policy/practice/program that is similar to the Cardinal Principles outline. In many high schools around the country there are CTE courses and teachers that students can participate in. CTE (Career and Technical Education) are taught in many areas that are found in the professional world from business management to technology to arts to legal studies. To be a certified teacher in any of these areas, one has to have a degree/certain amount of credits in that CTE topic or a set amount of years of real world professional experience working in that field. CTE courses and curriculum is very aligned to what the Cardinal Principals authors had in mind with the structure of a comprehensive high school. This high school utopia that allows students to venture in to many different areas outside of the core subjects was what the Cardinal Principals authors seemed to believe was the answer to stronger educational outcomes and members of society.

Every high school does not offer CTE courses and teachers; there a number of reasons why. Very much like the Cardinal Principals understanding, every high school cannot provide a comprehensive curriculum that tailors to every type of interest. Funding and need definitely come in to play in this area. Additionally, looking at the last high school I was working at as an example, I do not believe that every population/SES group needs or desires this type of curriculum. The public high

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