The Effect Of College Preparation On High School Students

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The Effect of the College Preparation on High School Students Preparing for college in this day and age is a whole new level of competition. High school students are now packing their lives full of activities and hours studying to look like the best candidate for their top choice schools. High school juniors are now not just striving to do well on standardized tests, but to get the perfect score, and anything less than a 4.0 GPA just won’t do. The little free time that these students have is filled with clubs, sports, volunteering, or even all three. Universities are becoming more and more selective, which is driving students to outdo their peers to claim their spot at their dream school. I didn’t make even a fraction of the effort that these students are, and even I felt the pressure. I can’t even begin to fathom how hard these students are working, and the amount of pressure they are under. Reading the stories of these students drove me to want to find out more. We all know how stressful preparing for college can be, but I suspect that these students are far more stressed out than most people are aware of. It’s not just the countless hours of studying and extracurricular activities that are stressful, the applications themselves are too. A study was conducted by Julie Vultaggio, assistant dean of the Doctor of Education Leadership program at Harvard, and Stephen Friedfeld, a cofounder of the admission counseling group AcceptU, surveyed forty-two college students. The
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