The Effect Of Color On Testing Results

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The Effect of Color on Testing Results
Our experiment focused on testing scores. We wanted to see whether the color of ink that was used on a test would affect a student’s performance on that test. We chose to conduct this experiment in the Sterling C. Evans Library to get a wide variety of students to take the tests since it is the largest and most central library on campus. We felt that this way the best way to attempt to limit the other variables that could affect our results. Our hypothesis was that red ink would cause that student to do more poorly on the test than the student would have done on a test with black ink. Our theory was that red ink would remind students of wrong answers on previous assignments and create a feeling of stress and anxiety. We attempted to answer this question by giving students of various genders, majors, and ages a test of medium difficulty in red and black ink and analyzing the data to find out if their scores correlated with the ink color. In order to determine whether there was a correlation between ink colors and test scores, we measured the students’ number of wrong answers on the test, time taken on the test, stress level, age, classification, gender, GPA, and college. We chose these measures because they yielded numerical values that could be statistically assessed, and they account for any other variables that might play into the correlation. We measured our results using descriptive statistics, using numbers to…
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