The Effect Of Incivility On Nursing Turnover And Patient Care

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The Effect of Incivility on Nursing Turnover and Patient Care Incivility is an umbrella term used to describe any type of negative behavior directed towards another individual that may impact the way that they behave and/or feel. While incidences of incivility may be visible in most professional careers, it’s significance in nursing has prompted a provisional statement from the American Nurses Association. “The nurse creates an ethical environment and culture of civility and kindness. Disregard for the effects of one’s actions on others, bullying, harassment, intimidation, manipulation, threats, or violence are always morally unacceptable behaviors” (American Nurses Association, 2015, p. 4). Dumont, Meisinger, Whitacre, & Corbin (2012)…show more content…
Key words and terminology in the article search included hostility, nursing turnover, nursing attrition, nurse aggression, bullying, and nurse hostility. Specific key words that were used to narrow down the search included incivility, nurse turnover, lateral violence (LV), horizontal violence (HV), disruptive behavior (DB), and horizontal hostility (HH). The publication date range was adjusted to 2012 through 2017. The following literature review probes into the research of incivility to explore the connection with nursing turnover and patient care. Hayward, Bungay, Wolff, and Macdonald (2016) performed qualitative interviews on twelve registered nurses averaging sixteen years of experience that represented diverse areas of acute care, to investigate the factors that contribute to turnover. Three themes that influenced the nurses’ decision to leave nursing were challenging workplace environments, limited leadership support, and personal health issues. (Hayward et al.) Furthermore, Hayward et al.’s theme of challenging workplace environments detailed the nurses’ insight on harassment, negative behaviors, and bullying that resulted in nurses’ impaired job performance. Wilson, Diedrich, Phelps, and Choi (2011) investigated the quantitative prevalence of incivility related to the intent to leave nursing by obtaining the results of surveys replicated from the American Academy of
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