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Workplace Violence in Nursing
Professional Position Paper Nurses continually strive to bring holistic, efficient, and safe care to their patients. However, if the safety and well-being of the nurses are threatened or compromised, it is difficult for nurses to work effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the position of the American Nurses Association (ANA) advocate that every nursing professional have the right to work in a healthy work environment free of abusive behavior such as bullying, hostility, lateral abuse and violence, sexual harassment, intimidation, abuse of authority and position and reprisal for speaking out against abuses (American Nurses Association, 2012). Therefore, this position statement is relevant because …show more content…

Several models and concepts arose in preventative measures to workplace violence in nursing. One conceptual model, according to Covert Crime at Work, is “a conceptual model derived from 370 surveys show working conditions conducive to bullying, thus helping to identify risks early and to prevent unhealthy environments from developing.” After recognition of these research and studies, organizations such as Occupations Safety and Hazard Association, American Nurses Associations, and etc, have implemented guidelines to prevent workplace violence in nursing.
Furthermore, there has been increasing correlation of lateral violence to poor leadership or management. In response to this, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization created a new standard in the “Leadership” chapter that tackle disruptive and inappropriate behaviors (American Nurses Association, 2012). This “Leadership” chapter, will further aid in seeking and preventing lateral violence.
So far, there have been few states that have enacted the Workplace Violence Legislative Agenda aimed at preventing workplace violence, which are: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona,

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