The Effect Of Metal On Rfid Tags

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Major Issues include: Effect of metal on RFID tags, RFID tag read distance, effect of materials in-between RFID tag and scanner, best tag type for readability, and importing tag information into database. The effect of metal on RFID tags has been fairly well documented, but we have no idea what will happen in the environment. The metal attenuates signals from the RFID transmitter affecting the readability of the tag. If the tag is completely unreadable, we will have to redesign our entire system. RFID tag read distance will determine if the entire project works. A major requirement of the client is that the tags be readable from a distance that will mean that items won’t need to be removed from their shelves. If no benefit is seen from the RFID system over the barcode system then the new system won’t be used. The effect of materials between the transmitter and the tag have been decently documented, but in our environment we don’t know what the results will be. Many of the chemicals that need to be tagged will reside in metal cabinets. If the cabinets don’t need to be opened to scan the contents it will be a significant selling point for the RFID system. There are thousands of different types of RFID tags out there for different applications. We have cut that down to about forty different tags we would like to try, each with their own pros and cons. We need to test to see what tag provides the best performance at cost to see what we will use. The last important issue is
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