The Effect Of Miscarriage On The Mother And The Father

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According to the text book Parent-Child Relations: An Introduction to Parenting by Bigner and Gerhardt (2014), miscarriage is the word known for a pregnancy that ends unplanned during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. The reasons why miscarriage happens varies but there is no exact cause and no exact way to tell when and how it can be prevented. Bigner and Gerhardt (2014) also mention that around 10 to15 percent of known pregnancies are miscarriages. This topic is important to discuss because even though 10 to 15 percent of pregnancies seem like a small amount of miscarriages, it is actually a vast majority. Miscarriage is a difficult challenge that both the mother and the father of the unborn fetus have to go through which is why more individuals need to know more about miscarriage. First I will discuss why miscarriage happens and how it can be preventable. Next, I will discuss the impacts of miscarriage on both the mother and the father. Lastly, I will discuss how parents can cope with the loss of their unborn fetus.
Reasons why miscarriage happens and how to prevent miscarriage.
Miscarriages happens because of different reasons. Gerber-Epstein, Leichtentritt, and Benyamini (2009) mention that around one third of females go through one miscarriage in their life. They also mention that in the past decades, there has been more studies in the miscarriage topic since it has become a common issue. Kjaersgaard et al. (2013) mentions that antidepressants can be a cause of
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