The Effect Of Surprise Recall On Memory Essay

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Analyzing the Effect of Surprise Recall and Expected Recall on Memory
Whether or not we acknowledge it, memory is one of the most important processes that our brain preforms every day. Everything we do sensory or procedural is recorded in some way into our memories, some memories only last a brief amount of time while others may last a life time depending on the amount of rehearsal and encoding. Though this is by far not a perfect system, we create schemas in our brains (or short-cuts) to aid in memory; yet sometimes due to these schemas we actually not remember something properly creating a false memory (Olszewska & Ulatowska, 2013). This due to an error in the person’s episodic memory, this is the type of memory that is person specific for remembering events; word pairs or particular words seen in a list (Cabeza et al., 1997). Finding put such a phenomenon has led to many to study how memory works, and ways too mesure what memory actually is. We can test this episodic memory using recall tests in which participants try to write the remembered word. Another test would be a recognition test in which studied items, such as a word list, are mixed with new words. The participants have to decide “yes or no” that the item was previously seen before (yes) or novel (no) (Cabeza et al., 1997).
There have been studies in the past conducted to find where exactly in the brain memory may reside, using positron emission tomography (PET) scans to see where the most blood flows into the

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