The Effect Room Temperature Has on a Regular Solar Oven Box

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Scientific Report:

1. Investigative question:

What effect does the room temperature have on a regular solar oven box?

2. Research:…/category:solacooking

3. Hypothesis:

The greater the room temperature the greater the temperature of the solar oven.

4. Method:

1. Gather a shoe box and paint it completely black all over the box.

2. Wrap the flip of the shoe box with aluminium foil so the sun can reflect the sun rise into the base of the shoe box.

3. Gather another box to place inside the base of the bigger box.

4. Put your two thermometers in the smaller box and check the room temperature on a regular basis so you can compare the difference between your solar oven and outside temperature.

5. Cover the smaller box with cling wrap to absorb the heat within the box.

6. In the base of the box once the smaller box is in fill the rest of the space with crunched up newspaper so more heat will be absorbed to keep a high temperature.

7. Once your solar oven is fully complete you will be able to start your experiment. The aim is to see if your oven gets to rapid temperatures so you need to check your temperatures on a regular basis. You will need to check at least every hour to see if your oven is a success!

8. Once your solar oven has reached a higher temperature you can place the food of your

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