The Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Deficiency on Rye Seedling Growth Response

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Plants grow and reproduce and in order to do so they need certain resources. Both external and internal resources partly determine the plants development. Common resources are water, space and nutrient obtained from either the plant’s environment or food. They get sugar through photosynthesis using water, light, CO2 and other necessary nutrients. Plants require nutrients to build molecules so reactions can take place that are required for the plant growth, maintenance and reproduction (Rush, Gladilina and Condy 2014). These nutrients usually are taken up by the plant through their roots and leaves. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient to plants, as it is a macronutrient and needed in large amounts for plants (Rush, …show more content…

The purpose of this research is to find out how nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen affect plant growth. To find out how the plants are affected by growth in the different nutrient treatments. With the results found, what does this suggest about how people should fertilize the soil in which people grow food crops. Using the species of grass rye, the research investigates the effect of the absence of nitrogen and phosphorus.
By using three different treatments, a full complement of nutrient, a full complement without the most important nutrient, Nitrogen and a full complement of Phosphorus, the length of the root and shoot and the biomass are observed and analyzed. If nitrogen was deprived from the rye seedlings growth process then the biomass, shoot length and root length will be affected more than depriving the rye seedlings from phosphorus. The null hypothesis would be, if rye was deprived the nutrient phosphorus, then it would have a larger effect on the rye seedlings shoot length, root length, and biomass than depriving the plant from nitrogen.
Materials and Methods
Obtain a planting container. Cut one paper towel in half, fold and place on the bottom of the container. Cut a layer of cotton to fit at the bottom of the container and place it on the paper towel. Use the other half of the paper towel, fold and place it on top of the cotton. Add 30 ml of the media solution into the container and allow the

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