The Effect of the Great Depression Worldwide

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What was the world’s greatest economic disaster and left millions of citizens unemployed for years? The Great Depression was a major economic disaster which left the people of the world shocked. Many countries were already left in a bad position due to the effect of World War I. Countries that bought and sold on the international market were affected. The United Kingdom, France, and Germany were just a few of the affected countries that had a difficult time getting their country back to great economic shape. The United Kingdom finished World War I a few years prior to the Great Depression, and was a big factor in the length of the depression. The reason why the U.K’s depression’s length was so long was because of the debt that the European countries had grossed during World War I. This debt that had to be paid, left the Europeans in a sticky situation, as they tried to rebuild their economy to what it once was. The effect of this debt and other economic problems had caused the unemployment rate to accelerate from one million to 2.5 million unemployed UK citizens, some cities even reached rates from as high as 70%. When other countries received the hit from the depression, Britain couldn’t export nearly as much as they used to. This was a chain reaction that caused the world to be effected as a whole, and what caused Britain to get hit so strongly. Great Britain didn’t use their Government revenue expansion very strongly to an extent, however later on did increase the

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