The Effectiveness of Mobile Computing Devices in Classroom Instruction

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Thus, La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) pioneered the use of tablets in the classrooms at the later part of 2012 and named this endeavor as the PERsonal Learning device (PEARL) program. During its initial stage, students of the honors classes were selected as its participants. On the following year around eight to nine sections in the High School level opted to join the said program. However, during the course of the said program implementation, certain issues have been raised that needed to be addressed by the school especially in the area of student learning. Based on a study made by a group of LSGH High School teachers last February 2014 on the effectiveness of using tablets in Grade 10 English classes, it has been observed that there is no distinct difference between the non-tablet and tablet classes in terms of student performance. This may be attributed to the following: 1). there is no definite strategic plan made except for the roadmap on how the PEARL program will be implemented. 2). the infrastructure set-up was not carefully taken into consideration. 3). teachers have not been given enough training prior to its implementation. 4). the policies and guidelines drafted on the students’ use of tablets were vague or lacking in terms of giving sanctions to erring…
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