The Effects Of A Family System During Development

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The positive effects of a family system during development versus the adverse effects of not having a family system during development. Mary Bowen developed the Family Systems Theory, which is based on the premise that inter-and intra-relational patterns are transmitted from one generation to the next (Martin, 2014). Bowen believes that the goal of achieving positive well-being is to find the balance between achieving personal autonomy and individuation while maintaining appropriate closeness with one’s family system (Martin, 2014, p. 69). An active and effective family system in a child’s life is an essential foundation for healthy development throughout the life span. Nevertheless, when children do not have access to a healthy family support or no support system at all that can have an extremely adverse effect on the child development that will transmit throughout his/her lifespan. For that reason, it is imperative to contemplate the positive impact of a family system during development and also the negative effects of not having a family system during development. A healthy family system can be best described as an active and healthy environment that can lead to a healthy development. A significant element to consider when there is a healthy family system in place is the foundational teachings set forth to a child as a guidance tool by the example of his parents and family members. In a healthy family system, you are imparted skills as a child to handle all areas of
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