Family Systems and Virginia Satir

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Family Systems and Virginia Satir Introduction The below essay is exploring Family Systems and Family Therapy and in relation to that it is looking at Virginia Satir. The first part is trying to define the term Family System itself. It gives a very brief overview on the characeristics of a family system and how such a system relates and co-relates to the enviorment. It also gives a short description of the dynamics and dimensions of family systems - cohesion and hierarchy. The second part of this text is looking at Virginia Satir's view on the dynamics of a family system. It explains her thesis how the hierarchy or power structure in a family relates directly to the development of character in a person. Virginia Satir is best…show more content…
(Barbara Jo Brothers, 1991, pg 21-23) 3) Virginia Satir on Self Esteem and Human Validation Virginia Satir defines self esteem as: a culmination of identity development within a nurturing and validating enviorment. She believed that feelings of worth can only flourish in an atmosphare where the individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open and rules are flexible. This she would define as the kind of atmosphare that is found in a nurturing family. Self esteem thrives in a nurturing enviorment. We will know and believe that we are loveable if, and only if, we are loved and nurtured by our parents. In order for children to have a high sense of esteem, parents need to provide validation of their child's growing abilities and acomplishments. They must validate their child's sexuality, individuality and care and respect. According to Virginia Satir individuals that received adequate love and validation, will be people who know that they are lovable, know how to take care of themselves physically and emotionally, are comfortable with intimacy, and are able to get along well in society. In other words – these people posess self esteem. (Barbara Jo Brothers, 1991, pg 142-144) 4) Virginia Satir the detective During her work Virginia Satir thought of herself as a detective who sought out and searched for reflections of selfesteem in the communications of her clients. While working with
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