The Effects Of Advertising On Our Young Girls And Women

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Maya NinoDrucker English 5 11 November 2014Prompt #1Effects of Advertising on WomenAdvertisements of today are overwhelmingly sexual with undertones of hostility and degradation towards women. It does not matter whether the advertisement is directed at men or women, boys or girls. It may be overt or it may be subtle, but there seems to always be an underlying theme of pervasive sexuality and enmity. The mental, emotional, and social impact ofthese advertisements may be adversely affecting our young girls and women of today. The effects of advertising have gone beyond persuading women to just buy products. “These media messages link thinness with love and happiness, often solely in terms of having the right body to attract the opposite sex” (Hesse-Biber 770). Women and girls of all ages are buying into an idea that is detrimental to their self worth, personal identity, and physical and mental health. Women would not be buying into these ideas if it were not for the men perpetuating them and forcing these stereotypes and unrealistic ideals onto women. Females in our society are gleaning idealistic and harmful aspirations from the advertisements that are bombarding our media-based culture; however, the teaching of media literacy through education may help to raise awareness in order to diminish the damaging effects on the women and girls of today.Results of a study done at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suggest, “that watching even 30 minutes’ worth of
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