The Effects Of Advertising On The Economy And Consumer Consumers

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Advertisements are used to introduce a wide range of consumer goods to the public. Their aim is to convince people to buy a product that has been the subject of an advertisement. Some advertisements are designed to promote new products while others are designed to advertise the existing ones. There are also ads sponsored by charities that encourage people to give donations and public service ads that convey information. Advertising relies on media to distribute its messages. There are many different types of advertising, these include newspaper or magazines ads, posters on trains and buses, pop-ups and banner ads when surfing the internet, television and radios. (Green, 2012) This essay will discuss the positive and negative effects of advertising for both the economy and the consumers. Advertising is beneficial as it creates job opportunities, increases export, and informs customers about new products. However, at times, advertisements can be misleading, can lead to overspending and create false needs.
Advertising is positive for both the economy and individual consumers. Advertising helps the economy by strengthening competition. Since every brand wants to be successful, therefore they spend huge amounts of money on advertising, which increases awareness of products and this leads to greater competition. Due to growing competition, companies continue to improve their product line, packaging and advertising rather than find faults in the product of their rival. It aims at…
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