The Effects Of Alcohol And Alcoholism On The United Kingdom

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Alcohol is defined by Wester Dictionary as a drink (as whiskey or beer) containing ethanol. Alcoholism is defined by the medical dictionary as “a chronic progressive potentially fatal psychological and nutritional disorder associated with excessive and usually compulsive drinking of ethanol and characterized by frequent intoxication leading to dependence on or addiction to the substance, impairment of the ability to work and socialize, destructive behaviors (as drunken driving), tissue damage (as cirrhosis of the liver), and severe withdrawal symptoms upon detoxification.” Drinking alcohol has been around since man was able to crush grapes. As the United States (U.S.) we can pride ourselves on freedom, democracy, and beer but this perspective can have effects on its people/society. Alcohol and alcoholism is not just a situation in the U.S. Alcohol and alcoholism has affected lives all over the world as well. This will try to focus on the United Kingdom (U.K.). In particular to see how the history, the perception towards drink, the differences in culture, the statistical facts, the regulations/programs created, and the thought out solutions created play a role in the two countries attitude toward drinking/alcoholism. Alcohol is a part of everyday life, it is a form of relaxation for some and a form of escape for others but for those who drink to excess it can be a death sentence. Seeing the differences and the similarities from U.S. to the U.K. drinking habits and how…
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