The Effects Of Alcohol On College Drinking Prevention Website

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Introduction Alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs in the United States and the most prevalently used among college students. A mixture of stress that comes from school and sometimes work sometimes encourages college students to use this drug as a source of alleviation. This negative situation causes many cases of death, sexual assault, injury, unsafe sex, and academic failure. The overconsumption of alcohol is a major issue that can only be resolved through proper teaching of the harmful effects of alcohol and the proper way to handle stress. Discussion In the article posted on the college drinking prevention website, it stated that 1,825 students end up dying from alcohol-related injuries in the United States and 599,000 are injured but survive. These numbers are significantly high, but nevertheless can be reduced. Another cause of alcohol related deaths is the simple fact that college students do not take what happens to them seriously when being overly induced with alcohol. The article states that many find it amusing to see a peer passed out drunk. This, however, is not an amusing situation because being so drunk to the point of passing out can be detrimental and could potentially end that person’s life from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning occurs whenever aspiration of vomit leads to asphyxiation, otherwise known as the poisoning of the respiratory center in the brain. Asphyxiation can lead to death if not given medical attention immediately. The

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