The Effects Of Aspartame Consumption On Children 's Own Controlled Setting

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Title: Neurobehavioral Effects of Aspartame Consumption. This title did not give the readers any clues as to whether the authors believe aspartame causes neurobehavioral side effects. However, it does let the audience know the effects will be reviewed in this article.

Intended audience: The intended audience is professionals in the field of nutrition and dieting. Since the army helped fund the research written about in this article it would not be a far stretch to believe that they were looking into feeding solders a healthy diet and wanted to see the effects of aspartame in their own controlled setting.

Writer background: Professor Glenda Lindseth teaches Nursing Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Psychiatry at the University of North Dakota. Sonya Coolahan MD is a physician who practices Internal Medicine at the Rapid City Regional Hospital in South Dakota. Dr. Thomas Petros is a Psychologist who teaches at the University of North Dakota. Professor Paul Lindseth teaches Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, at the University of North Dakota.

Writer’s angle: The writers are sharing their finding in a study of 28 students’ consumption of aspartame in a controlled setting to see if there are any neurologic effects.

Part 1: The one-sentence summary
The authors of this researched peer review highlight the effects of aspartame on the brain’s cognitive abilities, depression, and headaches.

Part 2: The one-paragraph summary
In the research article, Neurobehavioral

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