The Effects Of Carbon And On Fossil Fuels

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Also known as fossil fuels, carbon-based fuels are commonly used in today’s society. Carbon plays a vital role in life of Earth. Without carbon, all life on Earth would not exist (World Wildlife Foundation, n.d.). Carbon exists in almost all biological compounds which make up every part in our body, and many more living things. There are many reasons that we use carbon-based fuels instead of other sources of energy such as renewable energy. One reason is that fossil fuels are available and very easy to use. This is because to create electricity, power plants burn fossil fuels to heat water and therefore produce steam (World Nuclear Association, 2015). The steam pushes turbines around in a generator which spins a magnet; creating an electric current (World Nuclear Association, n.d.). Once done, electricity is created (Kindersley, 2007). Other major reasons we rely so heavily on fossil fuels are: it is required to power cars (petrol), create buildings (concrete) and give energy to homes. It is also a cheaper process than using renewable energy sources, as they require a lot of money to build/install (solar panels, wind farms etc.). Since the industrial revolution, the burning of fossil fuels has led to an increase in the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Fossil fuels in the atmosphere block heat from escaping, known as “The Greenhouse Effect”. This means that heat energy from the sun becomes trapped in our atmosphere, and can’t escape. Therefore, the average

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