The Effects Of Cars On The Current World

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Majority of the world’s population can’t even stand a world without cars; I boldly support that t; development of automobiles has really influenced the world positively. Whether some people love or hate vehicles, a fact that we have to admit is that vehicles play a major role in our lives and it has influenced the world positively. However, there are negative effects of motor vehicles that I ca refute, but generally the positive impacts outweigh the negative effects of automobiles in the current world (Erjavec, 2013). Development of vehicles has entirely changed our perception about the world and shaped the manner in which we imagine things, the world is like a global village to all of us and all the credit goes to the early inventors and those who came with the idea of motor vehicle development. Development of vehicles has changed some of the human cultures and behaviors, we even have books, articles and documentaries about the automobile inventions and all these are evidence of on how we cherish vehicles because they have truly helped us and they are still helping us. Songs, poems and several movies have been acted about the development of vehicles, the fast and furious episodes of movies uses cars to race, and if we analyze the movie well we realize they tend to showcase different types of cars, engine capacity and their speed. Motor vehicles are the backbone of other forms of transport, without motor vehicle we can’t have air, rail and water transport. For

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