The Effects Of Change Blindness On Adults : How Did We Miss That?

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The Effects of Change Blindness in Adults: How did we miss that? In the article review, “Failure to Detect Changes in People During a Real-World Interaction,” Daniel T. Levin of Kent University and Daniel J. Simpson of Harvard university sought to research change blindness, but through a different perspective than previous research. In many previous studies, change blindness was tested through moving images, two-dimensional images on television or computer screens, or even through in-lab tests. Through previous tests on the subject of change blindness, researchers have insinuated that people cannot recognize simple changes in computer stimulated program experimenters due to their retinal capability being hindered by flashing objects on…show more content…
After a continued conversation with experimenter 1’s replacement, experimenter 1’s replacement explained to the students that he was a part of the psychology department and that the subject had been a participant in the study. He asked the participants if they noticed anything when the two people passed through carrying the door, and if they noticed that he was a completely different person than experimenter 1. Depending on the subject’s answer, they experimenters would be able to determine whether or not they were affected by the real world change blindness. After the answers to those particular questions were recorded, the subjects were debriefed and released. The same kind of interaction was put into play in experiment 2 like experiment 1, but there were a few significant differences. The first difference was that instead of the experimenters having completely different outfits, in this experiment they specifically were wearing construction worker outfits but the outfits varied between experimenter 1 and 2 between the shirt color and presence of the tool belt and a construction hat. As well as that, there were only two experimenters involved in this experiment because of the results in the

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