The Effects Of Climate Change On People 's Habitat And Safety

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Climate changing is a serious issue for humanity and all the living creature on the earth. These days, more and more scientists and climatologists indicate the climate and our environment suffer the huge change. For all the humanity, the influences become more and more significant. Climate’s change definitely impacts People’s habitat and safety. Why is the climate important to us? Because of the climate change, people will live in danger. Climate will affect the whole ecosystems, not only human, the other living creature. For instance, the sea ecology changes because of the climate. When the ecosystems encounter the damage, people cannot avoid the effects. Foods supply will change that directly influence our survival needs, also fresh air, clean water are all disappearing over time.

There are some researchers found out the phenomenon that referred to the climate change. Based on the NASA’s website, there are some evidences’ statistics, such as sea level rise, global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets and glacial retreat etc. All of these are the direct evidences show our earth and climate are changing. And people don’t know exactly how to deal with the phenomenon, Most of the researchers stated we can just retard the impacts, but not to solve it.

In this project, I will identify and analysis the arguments on both sides that the climate changes are the man-made effect or not. It seems a controversial topic because some people believe the
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