The Climate Change Is All About The Human

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Some researchers don’t agree the climate change is all about the human. We cannot control kind of the natural cycle, it is a God’s job that hard to measure, such as ice age, earthquake or hurricane. Besides, human is not an only ruler of the earth, we are now, but not the all generations. Dinosaur used to be a ruler of the earth that they become extinct. Most of the people believe dinosaurs’ disappear because of the climate change. Climate change everywhere at any time. How can we measure the climate change is because of the mam-made. Climate has its natural cycle, also earth that is not eternal. Scientists and climatologists indicate the impact of climate change from a wide range of factors that include solar radiation, earth 's orbit or orogeny etc. All these factors may affect our climate that refer on sea temperature or melting glaciers, not just CO2 concentrations. Some researches argue the climate change is not exactly the man-made.
First, what are the related factors between natural change and man-made. The climate change for past 10 decades, what are the factors of the natural change and man-made pollution. The scientific community is still talking about this issue, but inconclusive. IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change determined whether the 20th century warmer than other century, the researchers found out the global average temperature since at least 1400 BC are the same warm as the century. In addition, the climatologists believe the phenomenon of

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