The Effects Of Cultural Diversity On Our Culture

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In this country, we have been blessed throughout the years with an immense wave of cultural diversity. Very few countries in the world have such a wide variety of different people from all different places and walks of life like our country does. Whether this is something we welcome or not, it has had the power to influence our culture in several different aspects. Much like we have various languages spoken in our country, as well as various types of food that we enjoy, we also have various religions being practiced as well. People bring their religious beliefs and practices with them when they come here, and they remain faithful to those beliefs despite moving to a country that may or may not practice that culture. They seek other communities with the same faith that they practice and unite with them, thus new churches and congregations are born. It is interesting to see how many different options one has in this country when it comes to religion. Some places in the world are restricted to one, or very few, religions and people do not have much of a choice. In South Florida alone, there are many different religions and all of these have their respective temples for those of that faith to attend. Two of the core values we strongly believe in this nation, is the notion of valuing freedom and choice, and I believe we apply those core values to people’s religious beliefs. It is fascinating to see how faith and culture are two aspects of life that go hand in hand with each…
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