The Effects Of Deceptive Pictures On Hong Kong

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2.3.2. Deceptive Pictures
According to Kim (2004), there are several instances that he has witnessed of the deceptive pictures presented in the websites of the online retail stores. The consumers correspondingly find a different product during the purchase of the product, which leads to extreme level of dissatisfaction from the customers end. Subsequently, the consumers find it difficult to purchase the product again from the same retail store. Lodorfos et al (2006) in this regard commented that the online retail organisations those have witnessed these sort of deceptive pictures in order to attract online consumers have ultimately not been able to retain the same. Similar instances are also notable among the consumers in Hong Kong, who are highly conscious regarding the quality aspects of a product. Therefore, it is eminent that deceptive pictures are regarded as one of the factors that restrict consumers in Hong Kong to purchase products through the online platform (Lodorfos et al, 2006).
2.3.3. Diminished Instant Satisfaction
Mittal (2013) suggested that in online retail shopping the consumers receives the products after certain amount of time. It is worth mentioning that although in Hong Kong the delivery of the online purchased products are relatively quick, still it is not feasible to witness immediate consumption of the product at the time purchase. Bashir (2013) further commented that this infeasibility to deliver the products immediately leads to the diminishing of

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