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Now a days many of us are familiar with the idea of online shopping. While it is convenient to the consumers, there is a lot of behind the scene efforts that many do not know about. I work for CJI Collectibles L.L.C. (CJI) which is a company that was started in a garage as an effort to resell brand new merchandise online for a profit. Through the years CJI has grown larger in size, yet still considerably small given competitors such as Amazon and Ebay. Providing a large a ray of items to the consumers, they are able to maximize sales by appealing to many kinds of consumers.

What does your firm do? Introduce your firm.

CJI functions as a resale company. They purchase brand new merchandise from various manufacturers and list those items for sale online for a profit. CJI 's main source of profit is by selling on You pay a monthly fee to list items of large quantities and for each item sold, Amazon takes a portion of the profit. CJI 's shipping department packages the items from the manufacturer to meet Amazon standards, including adding special barcodes for each item that correspond with Amazon 's computer scanners. Once the products are "Amazon ready" they get shipped to different Amazon warehouse 's around the US for review, storage and sale, determined on a print out that Amazon has provided.

How have Supply and demand conditions impacted the firm in recent years?

Supply and demand impacts numerous businesses at a constant rate. Supply is the amount

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