The Effects Of Digital On The Digital Age

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In the digital age we live in, taking numerous photographs of one’s self until the perfect one is obtained has become a norm. In addition, recording almost every aspect of life is something that everyone does. Digital cameras and video recorders are no longer individual devices that are bought separately; they can be bought as two devices in one or be found readily available in any smartphone. With advanced technology in the digital age, photographs and videos can be used to assist a person in reliving/remembering that specific moment they are viewing. Jose van Dijck’s book, Mediated Memories in the Digital Age, weaves together the brain function of memory and technology to form a new way of reconstructing memory in the cultural, social, and personal senses. Dijck is currently a professor of Comparative Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She specializes in media and science, media technologies, digital culture, popularization of science and medicine, and television and culture. In the first chapter, she introduces the concept of cultural memory. She begins with personal cultural memory, a study that has traditionally been the field for neuroscientists, cognitive theorists, and psychologists. She defines this form of cultural memory as, “the acts and products of remembering in which individuals engage to make sense of their lives in relation to the lives of others and to their surroundings, situating themselves in time and place.” She then proceeds to discuss
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