The Effects Of Disability And On The Population Of Children And Adults

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This paper will provide an in depth discussion on disability and abuse in the population of children and adults. The goal of this paper is to trace the history of intervention, prevention, and policy for individuals with disabilities including thorough review of disabled children, Adults in home setting, DV/IPV, adults in residential settings, and the elderly. In addition, a review of gaps in service provision and implications for improved services, collaboration between interdisciplinary resources, improved monitoring risk, education of individuals with disabilities, education for caregivers, and more accessible resources for managing behaviors and providing support for families, and caregivers will be reviewed.
The current state of child and adult protection will also be a point of discussion.
Abuse, Neglect, and Disability Defined
Consistency in the definition of abuse has been one of the most ongoing variances in abuse prevention. Depending on the discipline, the elements of abuse that is specific to a particular population is typically based on the presentation of abuse against the vulnerable group.
Abuse as defined by the World Health Organization is any act or failure to act, which results in the significant breach of a vulnerable persons human rights, civil liberties, bodily integrity, dignity or general well-being, whether intended or unintended including sexual interactions, or financial transactions to which the person cannot consent or which are deliberately
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