The Effects Of Drug Abuse On Children

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Drug abuse in children is an epidemic in America. A report done in 2013, showed that 8.8% of children, ages 12 to 17 were illicit drug abusers. (Administration, 2013) In the article, Number of Siblings and Intellectual Development, The Resource Dilution Explanation, Douglas B. Downey, explains the lasting effects limited resources retain on a child. Downey, claims as the number of siblings in a family increases, parental resources begin to lessen. In my next article, Childhood socio-economic status, school failure and drug abuse: a Swedish national cohort study, Karl Gauffin, Bo Vinnerljung, Mats Fridell, Morten Hesse, Anders Hjern report that children coming from families with low socio- economic status are more likely to abuse drugs. Also, they prove that children that experience failure in school are also more likely to abuse drugs. In this paper, I will examine the role education plays on children that abuse drugs, then discuss how socio economic status is a predictor of drug abuse in children, and I will conclude that larger families are more likely to have a child fall victim to drug abuse. Presently, Larger families are more likely to have a child fall victim to drug abuse, because as the number of children increases in a family resources become more scarce, resulting in poor education and a lower socioeconomic status.
Children that have experienced failure or lack of education are more likely to abuse drugs, than educated children. "In one study, (Downey, 2001), it

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