The Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Society

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Every human on Earth looks through different lenses. Some may be good lenses and others bad. It could be a mix of both. I see the world through four different lenses and they are positive, caring, polite, and creative. These effectively show how they affect my relationships, my life, and how I see the world. Even though I do not think I see through these lenses, everyone tells me I am happy, I help others in need, I am respectful, and I am imaginative. My parents have always been positive influences in my life. They have helped me in being the person who I am today. I have been shown that drugs and alcohol are not needed at a young age, or at all. When you are older and your brain has fully developed maybe then you can start drinking. Drugs can harm you and put you down a terrible path. By this, it has helped me make positive choices in my life. I eat healthy and exercise to have a state of well-being. I see my parents cook healthy meals and exercise regularly they tell me that it’s not dieting it’s a lifestyle to be healthy. I receive love, appreciation and encouragement to do better in school and in sports to help with my state of well-being. My relatives are here to support me. My cousin Melina and I are much alike. She supports me as much as I support her on how we want to maintain healthy lifestyles. Some examples are that Melina and I have chosen not to smoke, not to drink at a young age, not to do drugs, or be lazy. Melina and I talk about the latest exercises…
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