The Effects Of Early Childhood Education On The Development Of Necessary Social And Cognitive Skills

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ston – Clear Lake
The field of developmental psychology has provided a plethora of information on the impact of early childhood education on the development of necessary social and cognitive skills. The research literature has consistently maintained that children previously enrolled in early childhood education programs generally tend to be more advantaged when beginning formal schooling than children who receive traditional or non-traditional parental care. While many studies have discovered the positive effects of early childhood education interventions, there are many important issues to consider, namely children who are disadvantaged in some way. This review sought to examine recent research literature surrounding the topic of early childhood education, how the research addressed contentious issues such as the long-term effects of early childhood education programs, and the impact that these programs have on the social and cognitive development of children in lower socioeconomic status families. Additionally, this review compared two studies on the effectiveness of early childhood education programs. Future research directions and areas of exploration are also discussed. Introduction Childhood and the course of personal development from birth to late adolescence have been demonstrated throughout decades of research literature to be crucial in formation of the foundation of psychological health (Hall, 2008). Many developmental psychologists have arrived

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