The Effects Of Emotion On Human Beings

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At the beginning when asked what it means to be human I believed that to be human you had to meet some requirements. For someone to fall under the category of being human they had the ability to believe in a greater power. Also a person being able to live out their faith in any way they would like to allows them to be labeled as human. The biological make up of a human also was another requirement that was needed to be met to be labeled as human. Having a heart, brain, skin, hair, and all the other biological features were something unique to the human category. Emotion is another theorem of why humans are human beings. Emotions control how we act some lead to mistakes other leads to great success. Mistakes also bring about guilt, and …show more content…

In my research I learned that many inhuman things were soon going to be labeled human because they were meeting those requirements changing my perspective on what it means to be human. Robots were once just metal objects, but with the advancement of technology they now have biological features. Now, a robot can be seen with skin that almost looks just like a humans and almost feels like “real human skin” (Christensen 2). The robot also has been advanced with biological features such as eyes and hair along with the skin. Not only is technology advancing the outside biological features of the robot, but it is also advancing the ones on the inside as well. Robots used to contain nothing inside of them, but wires and metal. Humans have now figured out how to “incorporate human brain cells” (Mitchell 1) inside of the robot itself. The human brain cells are now helping robots control themselves instead of having someone else control the robot. A robot advancing to having self-control is allowing them to be seen as human beings. Hair, eyes, and fingernails are making the robot hard to distinguish actual humans from robots. Robots could “look so human that we may not be able to tell man apart from machine” (Zolfagharifard 2). Advancements in artificial intelligence are now allowing robots to have intelligent conversations with humans. When the robots are asked questions, they can send back an answer to the person they are having the conversation with. A robot

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