The Effects Of Environmental Hormones On Public Health And The Environment

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Environmental Hormone Mimics: Their Effects on Public Health and the Environment Cassandra Kaur Sheanh California State University, Fresno Abstract This paper explores three published articles that reflect the findings from studies conducted to examine the relationships between environmental hormone mimics (endocrine disruptors) and their effect on the human body. This paper specifically discusses three key environmental hormone mimics: bisphenol-A, dioxins, and pesticides. Each of the three studies links the chosen environmental hormone mimic to abnormalities caused by exposure to the chemicals. Bisphenol-A is linked directly to altering estrogen levels in women. The consequences are carried onto the child if the carrying mother ingests BPA while pregnant. Dioxins are extremely harmful and cannot be disposed of easily despite the amount of land, money, and clean up efforts that are taken. Pesticides simply from working in fields or by eating fruits and vegetables are very harmful in men. A male’s reproductive system is directly impaired as sperm counts drop dramatically and abnormalities effecting sperm size and shape occur. Environmental Hormone Mimics and Their Effects on Public Health and the Environment The National Institute of Environmental Health Services defines environmental hormone mimics as a “generic term for chemical substances, termed endocrine disruptors, that enter the body and mimic hormones thus disrupting the

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