The Effects Of Fitness And Health On A Workplace

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The Effects of Fitness and Health in a Workplace
This paper discusses how health and fitness are crucial to living a happy and productive lifestyle. It includes descriptions of what exercise, nutrition, and mental health is, as well as how living a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle effects the body. A healthy lifestyle can influence one`s work and daily life as it can increase a person’s confidence, mood, creativity, attendance and efficiency. On the other hand, an unhealthy one can result in issues such as fat build up, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, weakened muscles and bones as well as inconsistent sleep cycles. If a person does not take care of their body in the present, there may be irreversible and/or costly
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Mental Health Mental health is critical to a person’s well being. If a person is unable to withstand the stresses of everyday life, work at the same pace as the average person, or has not developed at the same rate as the general population, there is a possibility that the person has a mental health issue.
Effects of a Healthy Lifestyle
A physically fit leader is going to have more physical energy to deal with whatever comes in his/her way. He will be able to face the challenges more confidently and will not be too tired to deal with things. Physical exercise also helps the body release endorphins adrenaline that reduces stress and anxiety. Those endorphins are hormones that are effective in a person 's mood. When these hormone levels increase the person will start to feel better and more confident about themselves. Exercising regularly also allows the body to create a healthier sleeping cycle, which in-turn helps the body produce more energy. A person with a good sleeping pattern will feel more energetic in the morning and is likely to sleep without any disruptions. Finally, a fit person will have a stronger immune system, as constant exercising will serve as detox, reducing the likelihood of someone getting sick. This results in a better productivity, attendance, and efficiency in the workplace.
A study on Aerobic Exercise and Creative Potential shows that physical exercise
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