Health And Fitness : A Healthy And Productive Lifestyle

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This paper discusses how health and fitness are crucial to living a happy and productive lifestyle. It includes descriptions of what exercise, nutrition, and mental health is, as well as how living a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle effects the body. A healthy lifestyle can influence one`s work and daily life as it can increase a person’s confidence, mood, creativity, attendance and efficiency. On the other hand, an unhealthy one can result in issues such as fat build up, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, weakened muscles and bones as well as inconsistent sleep cycles. If a person does not take care of their body in the present, there may be irreversible and/or costly side effects in the future.
Health and Fitness
Exercise is when a person preforms a physical activity to help strengthen their body. Though exercising, a person can help keep themselves, physically and mentally healthy and fit. Exercise, done correctly and in moderation, can improve a person’s motor and cognitive abilities.
Nutrition is an important factor to having a healthy lifestyle. Exercise betters a person physically through challenging the muscles. Eating a healthy diet can provide the body with important nutrients necessary for the body to benefit from physical activities. Without the necessary vitamins and minerals that healthy foods provide, the body is able to strengthen itself, balance insulin levels, as well as repairing torn muscle fibers, increasing
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