The Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods On The World

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Ngoc Vinh, To Stephanie Perron Pathway III 27 October 2015 The Effects of Genetically Modified Foods on The World Genetically modified organisms are one of the most important issues around the world today. Genetically modified organisms are defined as food that scientists apply special techniques to change the cell structure of plants or animals to make they could produce more fruit or not be affected by disease. Genetically modified foods are foods that are made from plants that have been changed in this way. Genetically modified organisms are the root to make genetically modified foods and are also used widely in technological research. Food is essential for human life but many people in developing countries receive very little food today, so producing more and maintaining food are emergency missions. This is why genetically modified foods have developed extremely quickly in the world. There are a lot of impacts that genetically modified foods can affect to our world in both good and bad ways. Genetically modified foods can help people to produce higher yields and increase the nutrients of foods to feed the poor nations. Genetically modified foods make plants resistant to diseases and insects so that farmers use much less pesticides than organic foods. Also, people can produce crops that can last longer in bad weather conditions such as floods, droughts or export to places further away. Beside that, genetically modified foods still have bad effects to human health such as

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