Global Warming And Its Effects On The Earth 's Environment

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Green Practice “Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth 's atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate” (Goguen). Day-to-day, fossil-fuels are being burned; humans are deforesting land, driving cars, creating and demolishing buildings, and much more; these activities result in the release of greenhouse gases (Goguen). Architects are now being awakened by global warming issues and are planning ideas to alter their designs to reduce carbon emissions for future buildings. Correspondingly, colleges are beginning to prepare architecture students on how to design buildings that are carbon-neutral, and educating them on the…show more content…
Furthermore, architects can incorporate off-site renewable energy into their work, like wind-energy to avoid the use of fossil-fuel energy. Most of California’s latest buildings have already incorporated the carbon-neutral strategy, and it has now been made a standard for all innovative projects (Challenge). The 2030 Challenge has encouraged many companies to start designing eco-friendly and with the more attention the issue gets, the more successful the world will be in reversing global warming. Enlightening the architecture field on how buildings are polluting the world is the first step to solving global warming matters. Change is often times a difficult task and most people are not willing to alter their habits. Although without the change of design to green practices, architects will just keep hurting the world and its climate. Because architects have been designing for many years, it will be hard for the experts to convert their work into zero carbon designs (Budds). Each firm should inform their architecture team about the 2030 Challenge and plan to start acting now. The next step should be eliminating previous building designs and converting the carbon-neutral designs to a standard (Mazria). There is now an online tool created for architects to give them the best information and illustrate new ideas for their designs so the transition is not as problematic, it is called the 2030 Palette
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