The Effects Of Hazing On High School Athletics

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While being part of a sports team during your high school tenure is the most meaningful aspect to a student-athlete time there, identically in the same fashion hazing is often considered one of the most significant hidden problem. Sometimes it can be looked on as kids being kids but when a negative effect formed by overseers, it alters the perception of the situation. Hazing has been the essential point of concerns when it comes to school tradition or even harmless fun within the programs. Challenging the importance of these involvements, poses as a risk of physical and mental harm for many individuals. The explanations obtained information from the articles that provided an understanding of what is at stake when these circumstances keep…show more content…
In addition the larger schools are often seen as a place where the students can be overlooked and even engaged in more freedom to act in violent ways. This allows the understanding that “these conditions are hypothesized to create a disorganized and devalued and teachers are less able to monitor and supervise their students” (Klein, 1). A larger school environment showcases the behaviors that are essential to the disobedience that occurs when circumstances such as bullying and hazing are involved. ON the contrary the smaller schools have the ability to have a more secure capabilities to manage the misbehaviors because of the size being less significant. Smaller schools “are regarded as more orderly environments where students feel better supported, safer, and more willing to comply with school rules” (Klein, 1). The closely knitted community feel of a small school is what ensures that the size of the school does matter, however being at a bigger school provides emotions that seem distant and aggressively contrasting of the smaller schools. The main perspectives are explained throughout the emphasis of the cultures of the larger school being about effectiveness and the smaller about supportiveness. For example, larger schools are compared to urban low-income populations which raises the occurrence of the issues at hand. While smaller schools are usually in suburban areas or even private schools that are middle to high class income. The article states that “higher
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