The Effects Of Home Life On Children 's Development

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Every day, and in every home, kids are affected by the actions of those around them. Whether these people be their parents, their peers, teachers, or just strangers of the community, they all play huge roles in the young generation’s development, health and their ability to learn. Home-life is important, this may seem obvious, but to some it is all but clear. 1. Students are now spending about 15 percent (1,108 hours) of their time at school, which means for younger children who only spend at home or school, are at home for 85 percent (7,652 hours) of their year. There are a multitude of various factors relevant to home-life which can affect a student’s development and ability to learn. One contributing factor to the growth and development of students is their parents. Parents not only provide for the children- shelter, food, water- but parents are also a child’s travel guide through life. Often times there are circumstances such as drug abuse in the family, or poverty, which provide obstacles for families. These circumstances can affect a student’s performance in school, their interests, and their health. A healthy home-life is key to students performing well in school. When we think about students’ home-life for this generation (and the generations to come), we often discuss what kids do during their time off from academics. The first thing which comes to mind is the dependency of technology. Technology, whether it be used for gaming, interaction, research- whatever- can

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