The Effects Of Immigration On The United States Essay

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Immigration has been a very controversial topic in the United States. Although this subject has been a sensitive one for the United States ever since the terrorist attacks of 9-11, we have to start doing something about it. Imagine having to live with every day of your life not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow. Having to live in this country without being able to get a job legally. Imagine having to feel like a criminal in the only place you consider home, just because you were not born here and just because you do not have a piece of paper that can prove that you are, in fact, a United States citizen. This is, sadly, the reality many undocumented students have to face every single day. It is time to change this for good and give these undocumented students the treatment they deserve. With the help of colleges and universities, this change will be possible and these students will have a better chance of acquiring a post-secondary education. The benefits of this are endless and these range from gaining a more educated society, to having a better economy, to promoting social equality in this divided nation. Discrimination, segregation, and the lack of resources are among the main reasons why undocumented students do not pursue a post-secondary degree, but if colleges and universities support a comprehensive immigration reform and pressures the United States government to approve it, this will give undocumented students a chance to become legal citizens, the chance to

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