The Effects Of Negative Body Image

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Jade Elizabeth Terry Terry 1
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January 28,2015
English 6

The Effects of Negative Body Image

Why does America have so many girls who struggle with body image? Body image is the way one sees oneself and how one imagines how one looks .(7)Having a positive body image means that, most of the time one sees oneself accurately,one feels comfortable in one’s body and one feels good about how one looks.(7)In today’s time Americans are vain in one’s appearance,meaning we feel having a thin body we are more accomplished, successful and beautiful. Growing up in a time where appearance is everything to an individual can easily make a young girl self-conscious of her body image. There are three parts that make up body image: the mental picture one has of oneself: our belief of how others see us; and how comfortable and confident one is in one bodies. (DiBattista)In our society people associate thinness with beauty, power, and health, as well as self worth.(DiBattista)In America there are too many girls who have negative judgement on their bodies, which causes low self esteem and other dangers such as eating disorders.

Body image has been around for centuries. At various times in history, different forms and shapes of bodies were idealized.Primitive civilizations valued round figured women with large breasts.(DiBattista)The ancient greeks prized muscular…
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