Negative Body Image Issues

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All women should have a slim body and a big butt. All men should have washboard abs and big biceps. These are just expectations that society has built up of how one should look. Often when we don’t reach it, there are consequences of developing negative body image issues. So what is negative body image exactly? According to NEDA (Australia’s national eating disorder association), body image issue is the dissatisfaction someone may have of their body not meeting unrealistic criterias. It is the negative thoughts and emotion that result from someone’s perception of their physical self. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age this is an existing issue because we live in a world that promotes unrealistic body ideals. It becomes a challenge to not compare yourself to these ideals when you see images of instagram models floating around in your everyday life.

According to Australian Daily Mail, a study conducted down under showed that, out of 10,500 Australian women questioned on how they feel about their appearance, a staggering 89% of women all hated or wanted to change something about their appearance. A further study was conducted between 1,500 women and 1,500 men. Each person were to calculate their bmi and answer questions about their feelings towards their bmi. The study concluded that women are 10 times more likely to have body image issues than men.

So just what exactly causes this? According to Doctor Susan Paxton, a psychology professor: "Women are under many pressures

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