The Effects Of Neutral And Non Neutral Toys On Children

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The Effects of Neutral and Non-Neutral Toys on Children
Our nation has improved rapidly in the aspect of a mutual goal for gender equality. Ever since World War 1, women have had many more responsibilities and rights to heed to. Although this is a significant feat, America lacks to disregard the source of the very dilemma. At exceedingly young ages, new generations are being taught by their parents and peers, strict gender roles and expectations through the most seemingly innocent source: their toys. relate on the subject, “When children see and hear gender labeling from their parents, peers, siblings, grandparents, and even the toy aisles themselves, these messages will sway a child’s interest away from some toys and towards …show more content…

Effortlessly associated with the varying genders, one often pictures a pink tiara for girls and likewise a blue cape for boys. The quotes, “the connection of blue with boys and pink with girls is relatively recent” and goes on to recite a Sears Catalougue, “ from 1965 to 1985, “pink was so strongly associated with femininity that it was vehemently rejected by feminist parents for their daughters’ clothing.” The well known divide between the two antagonistic worlds of girl and boy are steadily sharpening into an almost unyielding force that will be impossible to reverse. Children will continue to grow up with the understanding that they mustn’t breach the barrier or they will be persecuted for it. In adulthood, the fight for equal treatment is still a large issue and the continuing increase and support for it in young years only amplifies the problem. Hand in hand with the color discrimination, the constant fight between masculinity and femininity is ever present. These labels are often devised by the impressions that color often displays, dark colors are automatically associated with the male gender while a more bright and lighter colors scheme is original for females. Naturally, these color stereotypes are parallel to the various traits displayed by men and women. Men are commonly identified for being more active and aggressive in gameplay, while women are classified by nurturing and appearance focused activities. What is even worse

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