The Effects Of Obesity On American Culture

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There are many trends in American society ranging from popular dance moves to political opinions. Some of them are beneficial and improve the society as a whole, such as the increasing popularity in clean energy. However, there are some on the rise that are not as beneficial, such as American obesity. America is not the only country that faces issues with obesity, but the US has the highest ranking in the world for the total number of people who are overweight. In September of 2014 it was shown, “every state is above 20 percent (1).” It is a very large issue and commonly debated in American culture. Due to the fact that obesity not only increases chances for health problems, but can also cause decreases in confidence and acceptance into society. There is a lot of public interest to resolve this issue, which many organizations have been founded to try and increase awareness for positive body images, and others are trying to decrease the percentage of obesity in America. In order to reduce the numbers of obesity, there has to be a firm understanding of the situation at hand. To start off the definition of obesity according to the Mayo Clinic is, “complex disorder involving an excessive amount of body fat (2)”. Not only is obesity based on many factors; there are a lot of health complications that arise because of it. Obesity is a well-established risk factor and causes problems such as: coronary heart disease (CHD), type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. Obesity also

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