The Effects Of Obesity On The Body 's Natural Processing Functions

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In the instance of obesity, we know that there are various causes, and therefore, there must be various solutions. Though some causes may be because of a medical conditions which disqualify the patients from easily losing weight, the most common cause for obesity is simply that a person eats more than what their body can burn off. The result is that excess energy that is not used is stored in the body, or more commonly known as fat. The most practical approach is to create a drug that intervenes with the body’s natural processing functions. If we could create a prescription that forced the body to survive off of its existing energy storages instead of adding more reserves to them, then a cure for obesity would be both possible and probable. Unfortunately, this thought is much too advanced for our primitive society, or is it? Back in 2009, when researchers were searching for a cure for cancer, they discovered a compound that when injected into mice caused an extreme reduction in appetite as well as up to thirty percent weight loss. This compound would trick the brain into thinking that it was not hungry (“Obesity Drugs Might” 2). This compound may be extremely useful on the path to a cure, but it is not the only one.
An additional enzyme was also found that when injected into mice would allow them to eat much more food than other mice and still weigh ten to fifteen percent less than other mice (“Obesity Drugs Might” 2). These results could also be found in humans. Imagine

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