The Effects Of Premarital Sex On Children And Young Adults

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Innocence Lost When God created man and woman, his sole purpose was for them to be fruitful and multiply. Sex was created by God and meant for marriage. Therefore, woman valued their chastity and would not do a disservice to their bodies. Premarital sex should not be practice because it leads to unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and loss of innocence. In 1275, England established the age of consent to be 12 to prevent older men from ravishing the young maidens to ensure their chastity remained undamaged until marriage ("Age of Consent").” Although the age of consent law is confusing” the most important matter is to keep our children and young adults safe ("Age of Consent") The sexual terrain of the mid-1960s, the …show more content…

Today, its children who do not have a father in the home and are being raised by their mother or grandparents.
The rate of illegitimate births in the United States has risen sharply since the early 1970s. In the 1940s fewer than five percent of the total births were out of wedlock. By the early 2000s, according to statistics compiled by the Center for Health Statistics at the U.S. HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT , births to unmarried mothers accounted for nearly one-third of all U.S. births(Batten 353-356.) To indulge in premarital sex, leaves a woman heartbroken when the man who fathered the child refuse to take responsibility for that child leaving the child fatherless. In addition to having sex outside of marriage is the sexual transmitted diseases that a young lady or man may contract if they are not using protection.
Even though condoms are not always effective at preventing pregnancies or contracting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV (Warner). Therefore, we should teach are children to hold on to their innocence until marriage. Furthermore, as parents and the community at large we ought to be teaching are children Gods Word because it is not only instructions on how to live in this fallen world it is also for our protection. Although we can teach are children abstinence we must look at the bigger picture that are children and young adults are

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