The Effects Of Religion On Athletic Performance

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Many athletes are superstitious, or go through the same series of progressions or habits before competition, because they believe it gives them luck or a better chance to perform optimally. Some of these habits, may include praying. The act of praying is a way for an athlete to think they can attain an edge, so they can compete better. During my time as an intern with Fordham Athletics, I was given many opportunities to spend time with athletes from a variety of sports. My interactions with these athletes, as well as my own experience as a college athlete who prayed before competitions, triggered my interest in the relationship between prayer, and athletic performance. Does prayer before competition affect the overall performance of an athlete? In this paper I will examine the effects of religion and prayer on an athlete going into competition, as well as how it affects an athlete’s overall performance.
Literature Review
There has been scarce documentation covering the effects of religion on athletic performance. Up until two decades ago, articles and research consisted largely of people saying an athletes’ religious beliefs had no effect on their overall performance. We have all heard questions asking if it’s necessary for a player to thank God after hitting a homerun, or taking a knee before the game and praying. These articles were mostly based on the opinion of the author, and not backed by empirical data. More recent research on this topic, includes a
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