Sleep Deprivation Essay

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This experiment tests how the amount of sleep consumed effects the accuracy and reaction time in college students. The hypothesis states that a participant who received six or less hours of sleep the previous night will have slower reaction times and less accuracy than a participant who received more than six hours of sleep. Participants were broken into two groups (six or less hours of sleep and more than six hours) and asked to identify the color of ink on a flash card. This was a timed test to calculate accuracy and reaction time. The results of the study did not support the hypothesis. It was therefore rejected.

According to Marhefka (2001), insufficient sleep reduces cognitive functioning in college student. Sleep deprivation is …show more content…

Participants. There were twenty participants involved in this study. Seven were male and thirteen were female. Range of age of the participants was widely varied. Age was not one of the measured variables. All participants were college students or faculty at Arapahoe Community College (ACC). The participants were all selected at random. Participants were found while walking through out ACC. Each participant was given the details of participating in the study; they then made the decision to choose to participate or to decline.
Materials. In this study flash cards were used to test reaction time. White 3x5 inch note cards were used. On each note card was written a color word (e.g. blue, black, purple). The color words were written in a noncorresponding colored ink (e.g. word blue written in red ink, word purple written in green ink). A stopwatch on a cell phone was used to keep time of twenty seconds. A flowchart was created to keep order of how many cards were completed correctly and incorrectly. There were thirty-seven flash cards made for this experiment which were kept in the same order throughout the study. On the flowchart, the column furthest to the left contained al the colors of the ink on each card in order. There were twenty additional columns to the right, one for each participant.
Procedures. To begin the experiment, participants were asked to report the amount of sleep received the previous night. They

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