The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Memory

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This study investigated the effects of sleep deprivation on memory. A sample of 17 Long-Evans rats was deprived of water except for a 15-minute exposure. Day one just water was administered, day two grape juice was administered followed by a LiCl injection and day three both water and grape juice were administered. Half of the rats were sleep deprived on day two and taste aversion was calculated on day three. The groups gave unexpected results but the results were significant.
Sleep has been a widely controversial topic discussed in the study of learning and memory. The lack of sleep has been thought to disrupt learning and negatively affect memory. The association between memory and sleep is still being studied and many have supported that without enough REM sleep, neuro-receptors lose their sensitivity to serotonin and norepinephrine, which leads to impaired cognitive function. Some studies have used classical conditioning and conditioned taste aversion. Classical conditioning can be used in any sort of behavior modification. Conditioned taste aversion is a defense mechanism of the digestive system. Some literature shows consistent patterns of an association memory lapses caused by sleep deprivation. One study explored the effect of the effect of REM sleep deprivation on human memory functions (Saxvig, Lundervold, Grønli, Ursin, Bjorvatn & Portas, 2008). The study gave 24, 20-28 year old medicine and science students memory tests on day one and again on day two. However,…
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